354 Sight Reading Exercises In C Position

This book contains 354 sight reading exercises written for the piano. Each exercise is six measures long and stays within the five finger range of CDEFG in both the right hand and the left hand. The exercises go from simple diatonic melodies to unusual atonal counterpoints. These exercises were not written to be studied, but to be played through without stopping or practicing. The greatest benefit these exercises offer to sight-readers is practice reading two clefs at at time and practice reading counterpoint. Because the exercises remain within a five finger pattern, they are not too difficult to read and provide a good start before sight-reading more difficult materials.

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500 Polyphonic Sight Reading Exercises

The purpose of this book is to provide the pianist practice reading polyphonic textures. Each exercise should be read from beginning to end without any pauses, stops, or varieties in tempo. These exercises are not meant to be studied, but due to their advanced nature it may be beneficial to repeat a select few based on the ability of the reader. All 500 exercises are 8 measures long, (#500 being the only exception), and have two simultaneous melodic lines: one in the left hand and one in the right hand. The exercises stay within the CDEFG range in both hands in attempt to limit the difficulty of reading multiple lines and range in style from simple diatonic melodies to unusual atonal counterpoints. The exercises are designed in a progressive manner with three distinct sections: First section includes whole, half, and quarter notes; Second section adds eight notes; Third section adds sixteenth notes.

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First Position Violin Scales: An Extensive Study

Most books written on violin scales do not go into depth on individual scale studies. They merely show a scale and its fingering and move on to the next scale. This book was written to provide a deeper and more interesting way of studying individual scales. This book covers 10 one-octave scales and 3 two-octave scales: all within the first position. Each scale has 35 different variations. Each variation was designed to both reinforce the fingering and intonation and to stop the violin student from practicing the scale the same way every time. The variations provide new ways of practicing the scales to reinforce the learning process from many different angles and to engage the mind during scale practice.

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Für Elise – A Step By Step Practice Guide

Beautiful, elegant, simple and yet complex, Beethoven’s Bagatelle is one of the most recognized piano pieces in the world. Many beginning piano students strive to perform it. However, when the aspiring piano student sits down to learn it, they often go about the wrong way and the end result is an unfinished piece or a poorly learned one.

The purpose of this book is to provide a step-by-step approach to practicing and mastering Beethoven’s Für Elise. Many student pianists do not know how to practice the piano efficiently and hours of valuable practice time are wasted. This book will help you learn the music thoroughly, protect you from unnecessary wasteful practicing, and make the best use of your practice time.

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Wohlfahrt 60 Studies For The Violin Op. 45

New Edition! The Complete Wohlfahrt’s 60 Studies For The Violin, Op. 45. Each Etude is beautifully fitted so there are no uncomfortable page turns and designed to look pleasing to the eye.

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