354 Sight Reading Exercises In C Position

354 Sight Reading Exercises in C Position

This book contains 354 sight reading exercises written for the piano. Each exercise is six measures long and stays within the five finger range of CDEFG in both the right hand and the left hand. The exercises go from simple diatonic melodies to unusual atonal counterpoints. These exercises were not written to be studied, but to be played through without stopping or practicing. The greatest benefit these exercises offer to sight-readers is practice reading two clefs at at time and practice reading counterpoint. Because the exercises remain within a five finger pattern, they are not too difficult to read and provide a good start before sight-reading more difficult materials.

Free pdf – 354 Reading Exercises in C Position
Hard Copy – $6.99 at Amazon.com (Glue Binding)
$11.99 at Lulu.com (Coil Binding)

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