3 Months After I Created My Website

3 Months After I Created My Website

Its been a little over 3 months since I began realizing my vision for this website. I want to take some time and jot down some of the things that happened.

In the first month, January, I got 132 unique visitors to my website. I think that it was a decent start. I was still learning about getting indexed on Google, creating a site map, etc… I spent a lot of time in January uploading songs and sheet music. Only then did I realize that it takes a lot of work to put up materials and barely anyone visits you despite all the time you put into it.

In the second month, February, I got 128 unique visitors. It was sad to see the number dwindling, but I told myself that these were real numbers after the opening excitement of a new website. I continued adding songs, not as much as I had done before, but at least the work didn’t stop. I added all my school essays that I had on my computer: all the good ones anyway.

In the third month, March, I got 421 unique visitors. Now I don’t really know the reason for the increase, but I think all the work that I put into January and February did pay off. As I viewed the search queries for my website I began to realize that everything was being searched for. Lots of my essays were getting hits, lots of my choir songs were getting hits, and lots everything that I didn’t expect was getting searched for. I was also getting a lot of traffic from my Russian Sheet Music section. Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc… It really made me fell good despite the fact that I barely put up any new materials in March.

Now its halfway through April and I have 641 unique visitors. I don’t know why the numbers are growing so fast. Today I finally put up two new songs because I started telling myself that if I had continued to put up materials I would be getting even more views. I’m waiting for school to end so that I can really focus on putting up new materials everyday.

My wife tells me she doesn’t care that I got 70 visits in a day. She says tell her when I get 100. I’m hoping that sometime in the summer, I can get at least a 100 visitors a day. At least that’s my small goal at the moment.