Piano Lessons

Daily Lessons By Video Submission: $100 a month

In this connected world we are all only one screen away from each other. Thus I can offer completely remote piano lessons for aspiring students anywhere in the world. There is no set time for lessons. You learn by recording and submitting videos. I will watch your video performance and give my critique and practice suggestions. You can submit a video every day Monday Friday for daily feedback.
- Submit videos at any time - night or day
- Message me any questions or concerns
- Daily feedback from the teacher
- Receive comments and practice suggestions within 24 hours

Accountability Partner: $50 a month

Practicing is hard work, but if we don't practice we don't achieve anything. If you are a procrastinator and need someone to help keep you on track please contact me. I can be your daily accountability partner.
- Daily accountability checks
- Practice Plans
- Support

Please contact me if you would like to start or if you have any questions

[email protected]