Piano Lessons

Lessons By Video Submission:

In this connected world we are all only one screen away from each other. Thus I can offer completely remote piano lessons for aspiring students anywhere in the world. There is no set time for lessons. You learn by recording and submitting videos. I will watch your video performance and give my critique and practice suggestions.

Tier 1: Casual - $50 a month

- For self-driven individuals
- No minimum practice requirements
- Up to 5 video submissions a week
- Student sets own pace

Tier 2: Driven - $100 a month

- Required 1 hour livestream practice once a week
- Up to 12 video submissions a week
- Guided practice plan

Tier 3: Intense - $200 a month

- Required 3 hour livestream once a week
- Unlimited video submissions
- 20 required video submissions per week
- Strict practice plan

Watch The Video For A Quick Summary. Thanks!

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