500 Polyphonic Sight-Reading Exercises

500 Polyphonic Sight-Reading Exercises

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When I was taking a chamber class in Sacramento State University I realized that I had a major flaw in my sight-reading. I would focus primarily on my right hand and neglect my left hand. I could still get through my sight-reading, but often-times it was my left hand that had the most problems with accuracy. So I decided to write some exercises that would help me focus specifically on my flaw and wrote my first book, 354 Sight-Reading Exercises in C Position which in available for free as a pdf on my website, and as a hard-copy for purchase from amazon. Six months later I sat down and wrote another sight-reading book where I went even farther with the exercises. It took me around 3 weeks to write 500 Polyphonic Sight-Reading Exercises which in also available for purchase from amazon.

Here is a preview:


Untitled3Untitled4So, if you need help sight-reading two clefs with two different melodic lines, these books would really benefit you.

500 Polyphonic Sight-Reading Exercises
354 Sight-Reading Exercises in C Position(amazon)
354 Sight-Reading Exercises in C Position(free pdf)