Complete List of Piano Lesson Books

Complete List of Piano Lesson Books

A General List Of Piano Books To Study

I have been teaching piano for a while. (12 years as of 2018). I have discovered a book order that works for my and my students and fits my teaching style. It does not mean that I personally think this is the best way to approach piano books, but it is just my take on it. Lots of teachers have their own books and methods and that is okay. Here are a few reasons I chose these books:

No.1: First and foremost I believe that it is better for a students to learn 10 easy songs that it is to learn 1 hard song. Its more educational, it helps build confidence, especially if the students is young, and it gives a nice variety for teacher and parent. Learning lots of songs opens up the student to experience piano from many different angles. It also introduces a lot more concepts then just 1 song.

No.2: Having a list of books really helps parents and students understand what is coming next. I always tell me students, if you finish your homework song, or if your assigned piece is too easy, just move on to the next song. There is no guessing involved. Every student will eventually play every song in the book. It is really helpful for parents who are asking for more homework. I tell them, I will assign my usual amount of 1 piece per book, if the students finishes early feel free to continue in the book and learn the next piece. Very simple and effective.

No.3: Sight-reading! Yes, this list of books is geared at helping my students sight-read better. Students that follow through and learn every piece in every book will be much better sight-readers. It is a proven fact. (from my personal experience maybe not yours) I strongly believe that playing lots and lots of songs is the best way to improve sight-reading and playing just a few hard songs will result in poor sight-reading.