Free Choir Sheet Music – What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Free Choir Sheet Music – What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Free Sheet Music For What A Friend We Have In Jesus. Great song!

Free Choir Sheet Music - What A Friend We Have In Jesus

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Christian music can really uplift a weary soul and will make us realize that Jesus is not only our saviour, but a friend we can count on.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus, is a perfect song to describe such expression. It is a religious hymn written by Joseph M. Scriven, a preacher. This Christian song is originally made by Scriven as a poem to comfort his mother, since they are both living far away from each other. Joseph was in Canada, and her mom was in Ireland.

The poem was published by Scriven anonymously and received a complete credit for such magnificent poem in the late 1880. Charles Crozat Converse composed the hymn’s tune in the year 1868, and William Bolcom arranged the setting of the song.

Moreover, the song has a lot of versions in various languages and different lyrics. In spite of the actual truth that the song with its tune, has been overly criticized because of it being greatly on the order of the gospel type, yet the hymn’s popularity remains sturdy and retains its spot in hymnals of today. In other settings, the hymn’s lyrics have been tied to other tunes, such as Calon Lȃn and Welsh.

On the international aspect, there was even a version made during World War I. The original title was replaced to “When this Bloody War is Over”. Another setting is during the 1969 film called, Oh! What a Lovely Way wherein the tune was used and changed the song title to “When this Lousy War is Over”.

The tune was also utilized in a song called, Changes by Alan Price which was written for the movie O Lucky Man! It became a massive hit when it was used in a television commercial for Volkswagen Golf in 1987. In addition, the tune was also in the protest labor movement because of its intense popularity.

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