Free Lead Sheet – Abide In Grace, Lord Jesus

Free Lead Sheet – Abide In Grace, Lord Jesus

Free Sheet Music for Abide In Grace, Lord Jesus by Melchior Vulpius. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet Abide In Grace Lord Jesus

Facts about "Abide in Grace, Lord Jesus"

Abide in Grace, Lord Jesus was written by Josua Stegmann (1588-1632) and was given a soft melody by composer Melchior Vulpius (1570-1615). This beautiful hymn was originally written in German and was translated by F. W. Detterer (1861-1893).

Josua Stegmann was a Lutheran pastor at Siilzfeld. Before that, he was a Superintendent of Schaumburg, a pastor and first professor of Stadthagen’s Gymnasium. Stegmann became an ordinary professor of Theology when he transferred to Rinteln in 1621. The war has made him flee after two years from Rinteln, and in 1625 when he came back, he was appointed as the Ephorus of Lutheran clergy of Hesse-Schaumburg. He has written many hymns, but the pieces were difficult to distinguish because there are no indications of authorship in his devotional works.

Melchior Vulpius, named cantor in Weiman, was a German singer and composer of music. He was offered a position at the Gymnasium in Schleusingen after he married in 1589. His most famous work was this hymn. Protestant churches often performed “Abide in Grace, Lord Jesus” on New Year's Day and at the end of the service.

The opening phrases on the first to the third stanza was referenced from the Book of Luke, Chapter 24 Verse 29. The “Abide with us” line depicts the time when the Emmaus travelers called upon the Lord and trusted Him on their journey. The hymn would like to remind us that amidst all the trials and hardships, we have to know that there is Jesus who would never abandon us. Knowing that He’s there to guide and protect us should be enough to take away all our fears and anxieties. It’s my prayer that whenever you play this piece, you would remember that Jesus has already won the battle for you. All you have to do is trust Him in your life and trust His process. We are secure in His love. We are born victorious!

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