Free Lead Sheet – All Your Anxiety

Free Lead Sheet – All Your Anxiety

Free Sheet Music for All Your Anxiety by Edward Henry Joy. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet - All Your Anxiety

Facts About "All Your Anxiety"

“All Your Anxiety” is a hymn written by Edward Henry Joy, an Englishman who devoted his life to the Salvation Army (SA). Edward was born on November 16, 1871, in Canterbury, Kent, England. He joined the Salvation Army in Canterbury and played in the band at Folkestone. In 1894, Edward officially became an SA officer and was assigned to serve the SA Cords at Tunstall. In 1917, he became Under-Secretary at the Foreign Office of the Salvation Army International headquarters. In 1920, he was appointed as Immigration Secretary in western Canada and in 1932, he went to South Africa and became the editor-in-chief of The War Cry. He was later on promoted to SA colonel and retired in 1938 at the age of 67. He died on February 16, 1949, in Cheam, Surrey, England.

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