Free Lead Sheet – Apples and Bananas

Free Lead Sheet – Apples and Bananas

Free Sheet Music for Apples and Bananas. This is a great song for young kids, I always had a blast singing it with them. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet - Apples and Bananas

Facts About "Apples and Bananas"

“Apples and Bananas” is a classic jolly children’s song that plays with long vowel sounds. The song originated in North America and was passed down through generations. Children love it as the rhyming words were easy and the tune is bubbly. The song doesn’t just improve the vocabulary of the kids, it also enhances their listening skills and memory.

There are several versions of the song. In 1985, a Canadian musician named Raffi released a version on his album One Light, One Sun. Raffi has made modifications on the stressed vowels such as “eat,” “apples,” and the last two syllables of “bananas.” In 1984, his version appeared in an English daily newspaper Ottawa Citizen as one of the most loved songs in the city. The song was sung on the first three episodes of Barney & Friends and Rock with Barney. The stressed vowels were also changed in Barney’s version. An Australian children music group called The Wiggles also adapted the song on their 2014 album.

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