Free Lead Sheet – Baby Bumblebee

Free Lead Sheet – Baby Bumblebee

Free Sheet Music for Baby Bumblebee. Children's Song. Enjoy!

Bounce and Bumble with “Baby Bumblebee”

“Baby Bumblebee” is a popular nursery/children's song. It is also known as "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" and "Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee" in some areas.

The song's music was written by Henry I. Marshall while the lyrics or text was by Stanley Murphy. The song was published in 1912 and made its first appearance in the play A Winsome Widow in the same year.

From a song on a play, “Baby Bumblebee“ transcended to be a popular song for children. It has become a standard song, and many artists have covered it. The song debuted mainstream when Ada Jones and Billy Murray sang it as a duet piece on July 1912, under Victor Records.

Other notable recording include a duet by Ada Jones and Walter Van Brunt in 1912, another duet from Elizabeth Spencer and Walter Van Brunt, a solo performance of Doris Day in 1953, a Gordon MacRae and June Hutton collaboration (1953) and single performances from Jane Morgan (1958) and Julie London (1959). There is also a famous cover from The Osmond Brothers in 1963 for their album, Songs We Sang.

This nursery song endures as a long-time favorite tune, appearing in some popular media catered to young audiences like animated films (Mr. Bug Goes to Town, By the Light of the Silvery Moon ), theater and TV sitcoms.

The song has 3 verses, with 3 lines each. Most of the lines are repetitions, with the end words rhyming and repeating with the same words. The song has a modern feel, with the word choice of "mommy", "ouch" and "yucky". The word choice emphasizes that this song is meant to entertain and be joyful like usual nursery rhymes.

Like many children or nursery songs, “Baby Bumblebee” is easy to sing, remember and follow along. Like its lyrics, the song's melody is also simplified for children to follow and sing along.

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