Free Lead Sheet – Blessed Quietness

Free Lead Sheet – Blessed Quietness

Free Sheet Music for Blessed Quietness by Manie Payne Ferguson and W.S. Marshall. Key of G, Ab, and Bb Major. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet - Blessed Quietness

In hushed or in jazz-tinged gospelized, this hymn is blessed

American poet Manie Payne Ferguson is best remembered for “Blessed Quietness” among her other hymns and many poems. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Ferguson moved to California, US during the boom of 1885-1886. She became a pioneer and co-founded the Peniel Mission, a non-sectarian, non-denominational and was facilitated by Ferguson and the others like sort of a Salvation Army or revival station that spread Christian teachings. There was no church, only a hall was built. The facilitators, mostly women went to the street corners, even near prostitution dens to testify about goodness. Even Ferguson did this, as she was outgoing, unlike other poets who retreat to solitude to be able to write. In immersion, Ferguson was able to carry out much more saving of souls than any other Salvation Army group because she imparted her hymns and poetry as she went about the mission tasks. The money the mission dispensed for its work of holiness and humanitarianism came from donations to the Peniel Mission.

The joyful melody of “ Blessed Quietness” is a composition by W.S. Marshall, who created it in Meter with a refrain. The hymn was first published in 1911 and it lends itself to accompaniment supported performance with Dolce, playing the passages sweetly and tenderly. In Britain, a capella folk song renditions of “Blessed Quietness” are popular, like the version of British UK group Beggars Velvet. Members of Beggars Velvet were Cathy and Charley Yarwood, Dave Webber, and Anni Fenteman. Reverend Clay Evans transformed it furthermore into popular gospel music and recorded it in his “I’ve Got a Testimony”. The gospel version has a tenderness and a danceable jazz groove to it. The song made its complete absorption into the African American Spirituals or Christian hymns when another gospel music luminary, Mahalia Jackson recorded a gospelized rendition of “Blessed Quietness”.

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