Free Lead Sheet – Blessed Redeemer

Free Lead Sheet – Blessed Redeemer

Free Sheet Music for Blessed Redeemer by Harry Dixion Loes and Avis B. Christiansen. Key of C, D, and Eb Major. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet - Blessed Redeemer

Jesus' Death and Atonement for Sin on the Cross

The Blessed Redeemer is a well-known Christian song of praise with lyrics by Avis Christiansen and music by Harry Dixon Loes of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Loes succeeded the music and title after hearing a sermon entitled "Blessed Redeemer," and he asked Christiansen to write the lyrics. The song of praise describes Jesus' death and atonement for sin on the cross at Cavalry in Jerusalem as represented in Matthew's and Mark's gospels in the New Testament for the saving of sinners as explained in the New Testament Book of Romans. The music was first produced in the Songs of Redemption (1920) produced by the Baptist Home Mission Board. The Musical groups, which include the Casting Crowns, have recorded versions of the song.

Avis Marguerite Burgeson was born and raised in 1895 and resided in Chicago all her life. She visited the Moody Church, pastored for many years by Doctor Harry Ironside. In 1917, Avis married Ernest Christiansen who later became a vice president of Moody Bible Institute. She was a humble and retiring woman, and occasionally used pen names: Avis Burgesson, Christian B. Anson and Constance B. Reid. She started writing poems in early years, and before her demise in 1985 had written thousands of them. She passed away in 1985.

Avis Christiansen was an American Christian hymn writer.

Harry Dixon Loes was a popular Christian song of praise writer who wrote many influential Christian songs of praise, which include This Little Light of Mine (1920) and Blessed Redeemer (1920) with Avis Christiansen.

Loes was born and raised in 1892 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Harry Dixon Loes studied music at Moody Bible Institute and the American Conservatory. Loes labored as a music director at various churches and taught music at Moody Bible Institute until his demise in Chicago 1965. He besides composed "Love Found a Way."

The Moody Bible Institute is a Christian foundation of higher education with its main campus in Chicago, Illinois. It was established by missionary and businessman Dwight Lyman Moody in 1886. Considering its beginning, MBI's main campus has been situated in the Near North Side of Chicago. Moody too manages a graduate campus in Plymouth, Michigan.

In 1883, Emma Dryer, with Moody's consent, well-ordered and headed what was well-known as the "May Institute". These were weekly meetings in which church constituents would encounter and make one's devotions. Most significant although, would be the open discussions among the church constituents. Numerous of the church constituents began to seek that Moody open up a new school. This school would be in the service of, as a training school for the youth of the Church, a place where future evangelists could learn the skills necessary to carry on in the Christian revival tradition.

On January 22, 1886, Moody addressed church constituents as follows: "I tell you what, and what I have on my heart I believe we have got to have gap-men, men to stand between the congregation and the ministers; males who are educated to do city mission work. Take males that have the gifts and educate them for the work of reaching the people." This formal meeting, held at Farwell Hall, resulted in the group founding the Chicago Evangelization Society for the "schooling and teaching of Christian workers, which include professors, ministers, missionaries, and musicians who may absolutely and successfully state the gospel of Jesus Christ." The educational institution was renamed as "Moody Bible Institute" after Moody passed away in 1899.

Earlier than 1900, Moody played an important role in fund-raising to support Moody Bible Institute. After Moody passed away, although the Institute struggled financially. James M. Gray, the president of the educational institution, asked Henry Parsons Crowell to financially restructure the Institute. Henry Crowell established the educational institution on business principles of efficiency and performance. The Moody Bible Institute Executive Committee met nearly every Tuesday for the next 40 years. An administration building took years to accomplish, but when the building was allocated there was no mortgage and only $50,000 left to pay.

In November 2017, the university publicized the closure of its Spokane, Washington campus and reductions in other programs and services in response to continued decrease in enrollment. Faculty were upset by impending unemployment and penned an unnamed letter to the administration in the student newspaper expressing concerns about faculty unemployment when the administration had just committed $22 million for a new campus building. Two months later the president and Chief Operating Officer both quit and the provost retired all at the same time. In its proclamation of these changes, the university cited "widespread concerns over the direction" of the institution. Multi-site church pastor Mark Jobe became the new president in January 2019.

Since 2012, Moody Bible Institute has been given federal financial assistance, which means the religious institution is subject to federal rules, which include Title IX which interdicts sex-based discrimination. After some lady students complained of being denied access to the, at the time, men-only pastoral ministry program, the institute changed its policy in 2016. However, Professor Janay Garrick, who assisted the students file Title IX complaints, found that her employment contract would not be renewed at the end of 2017.

Moody Bible Institute's stated mission is to teach students for full-time ministry in churches and para-church organizations. Since 1989 it has been certified by The Higher Learning Commission. It is also certified by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the National Association of Schools of Music.

Furthermore to a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is available in over two dozen fields which include theology, the Bible, and ministries of various emphases, Moody Bible Institute offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies, a Bachelor of Science degree in Missionary Aviation Technology, a two-year Associates of Biblical Studies degree, and a five-year Bachelor of Music degree in Sacred Music. In addition, non-degree TESOL and Biblical Studies one-year certificates are offered.

The Moody Theological Seminary provides a Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, and a Master of Counseling/Psychology. A 1-year degree holder certificate is also presented.

In November 2009, Moody Bible Institute and Michigan Theological Seminary cooperatively publicized plans for Michigan Theological Seminary to incorporate with Moody Bible Institute's Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School. In January 2010, Michigan Theological Seminary began to be Moody Theological Seminary–Michigan located in Plymouth, Michigan.

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