Free Lead Sheet – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Free Lead Sheet – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Free Sheet Music for I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles by Jaan Kenbrovin and John William Kellette. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

“I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles”: Bubbling The Way to Success

This song was created in 1918 and turned out to be a huge hit. It was later published the following year.

The song was a collaborative effort by John William Kellette (1873 –1922) as the author and composed by ‘Jaan Kenbrovin.’ ‘Jaan Kenbrovin’ is not a real person but a collective pseudonym for three writers, namely, James Kendis, James Brockman and Nat Vincent. The three men created the name using the first letter of their names. The reason for the pseudonym is their different contracts under the publishers. Creating this song under their legal name will open them to litigation. Kellete and one of the men under the pseudonym, James Brockman, might have collaborated first on this song on its planning stages.

The song made its debut in the Broadway musical The Passing Show of 1918. Copyright of the song was held by Kendis-Brockman Music Co. Inc. and then transferred to Jerome H. Remick & Co. of New York and Detroit. The song has two verses and one chorus. Each verse has seven lines and is written in the first-person point of view. The chorus, meanwhile, has eight lines. As an instrumental, the melody can be used in a waltz or a piece arrangement.

As mentioned, the song and melody became popular when it came out. After its debut, many artists and bands covered this song and made their own versions. There are at least 18 credited recordings of the song, produced by individual singers, duets and even groups.

This song also has connections to the Shriners International aka The Shriners, a society created in the 17th century. It is also the club anthem of the West Ham United, an English football/soccer club. It was introduced to the club by former manager Charlie Paynter in the 1920s. It has stuck with the club and its fans ever since.

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