Free Lead Sheet – Brighten The Corner Where You Are

Free Lead Sheet – Brighten The Corner Where You Are

Light The Burden As You "Brighten The Corner Where You Are"

Listen to many hymns, and you will find a few hymn pieces that talks and sings about service to the Lord. Sure, praising God is well and good. Some hymns take it to the next level by proclaiming their deeds and work they do for the Lord.

One such hymn is "Brighten The Corner Where You Are." Ina Mae Duley Ogdon (1872-1964) write the first three verses of this hymn. Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (1856-1932) is credited for the music.

One look at this hymn and it can be seen as an extraordinary hymn. Not only has that hymn emphasized service, but it also brings attention to the positive actions a believer or an individual can do to others. In some ways, this hymn can also serve as an inspiration to work for God in others.

Ina Duley Ogdon (1872--May 18, 1964) wore many roles. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Duley. By extension, Ogdon is a granddaughter of a Methodist minister. She married James Ogdon and settled as a wife and mother. Aside from her societal role, she was also a prolific writer of three thousand hymns, anthems, cantatas, and miscellaneous verse. About hymns, she wrote one hundred and forty hymns. It started to form her first hymn, "Open wide the window." and the rest were all noteworthy. She first wrote this hymn as a poem in 1912, while caring for her sick father. Later on, composer Charles H. Gabriel set it to music.

Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (1856-1932) is a man dedicated to writing. Like Ogdon, Gabriel wrote many outputs relating to religion and hymns. He is the author of 62 hymns, composed of 213 tunes (some people say more) and used many pseudonyms in his lifetime. He is also a perennial editor of songbooks (42), men's chorus books (7), anthem collection (19) and cantatas (23).

The hymn got significant attention when it was performed by evangelist Billy Sunday and made it part of his staple songs in revival meetings.

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