Free Lead Sheet – All Day Long

Free Lead Sheet – All Day Long

Free Sheet Music for All Day Long a Traditional Spiritual. Key Of Eb Major, F Major, G Major. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet - All Day Long

"All Day Long" with Jesus the Savior and Human

"All Day Long" is a hymn that makes anyone feel like Jesus is a friend, a neighbor, or any person on the street.

This hymn is short, with three stanzas and four lines each. It is also shrouded in mystery. Not much information is known. Only a few bits of information about the hymn is available. One important information is its origins in an African folk song. Nobody knows its composer or lyricist. The arranger is credited to Marie Gray, and the hymn was based on Psalm 23:6.

It is only published in 2 hymnals. Despite its low visibility, the hymn is a great way to express how to interact with Jesus Christ as Savior on a human level.

On every stanza, the second line is always "It has been a glorious day." On both first and second stanzas, the last two lines are about elevating one's faith. This is described in the hymn by following Jesus and Christ as is described as going "on the King's highway."

For the rest of the first stanza, the first line proclaims that interacting with Jesus makes a believer cherish every day. Also, it implies that every day could be made better by interacting with Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, the second stanza elevates the interaction with the presence of talk. The rest of the stanza follows the meaning and implication of the first stanza.

The third stanza has a shift in perception. The first person becomes into the second person, with the "you" pronoun. The last stanza is an open invitation to interact and accept Jesus Christ and His way of Salvation. The third line speaks of a better life after casting out "sin and sorrow." The innovation extends to the last line, which is a slightly different perspective of every last line in the stanza of the hymn.

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