Free Lead Sheet – Come And Dine

Free Lead Sheet – Come And Dine

Free Sheet Music for Come And Dine by C.B. Widmeyer and Fanny J. Crosby. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet - Come And Dine

A Holy Feast: "Come and Dine"

With three stanzas and five lines, Charles B. Widmeyer "Come and Dine" is the ultimate invitation for a feast at the Lord's table.

"Come and Dine" doesn't have a clear author, but many sources point to Charles Brenton Widmeyer (1884-1974) as its creator and composer. The hymn is an invitation to dine, inspired by John 4:31-32; Luke 14:15; and John 21:12. It was published in 1907.

The hymn has three verses, comprises of six lines. It also has a chorus with four lines. In every line, the title and phrase "Come and Dine" is reiterated as an invitation.

In the hymn, Christ's table is open to everybody, and He invites people to partake with the food. On His table, there are the saints who died for Him, His disciples who followed Him and the common people who have faith in Him. His food is also holy, serving manna (the bread from Heaven), bread, fish and every "supplies our every need" in the literal and metaphorical sense. The refrain is consistent in inviting and calling people to approach the table and get the spiritual and biological substance . It also emphasizes Jesus' miracles like his multiplication of bread and turning water into wine.

Charles Brenton Widmeyer was an American composer, born in Morgan, West Virginia. He was the offspring of George Albert Widmeyer and Carolina Ruppenthal. Maud F. Logue was his spouse. He began his interests in religious music when he studied vocal music under J.M. Cowgill at age 12. At 15, Widmeyer was conducting his music classes and wrote his first song. His first published hymn was "Upon the Cross," which he wrote at age 20. A busy hymn maker, Charles Widmeyer wrote more than 350 hymns, which are edited and appeared in many songbooks. He also wrote another hymn called "When the Toils of Life Are Over" and composed a single tune titled "The Peace of God."

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