Free Lead Sheet – The Eastern Gate

Free Lead Sheet – The Eastern Gate

Free Sheet Music for The Eastern Gate. Enjoy!

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The timeless composition of a pioneer of Christian music

Missouri-born Isaiah G. Martin is the recognized composer and lyricist of the popular hymn “The Eastern Gate”. He was an on and off Christian who got his degree in teaching and eventually became one of the best American songwriters. Instead of teaching full-time, Martin was drawn to acting and singing on stage and then years after found himself in a revival church in Wisconsin.

He was struck by the preaching and singing of the revivalists that he decided to take a turn for the best, returned to Christian devotion and became determined to serve once again as an evangelistic singer and then, soon after, as a preacher. This ministry of his took Martin to many places in the US where he sang and spoke in the churches. He so fiercely spoke to many people and then began to write sacred songs straight from his soul. He was appointed the leader of the territory east of the Rocky Mountains by Church of Nazarene pastor Dr. Bresee.

He continued making hymns and then from First Nazarene Church in Chicago Martin continued his ministry in Massachusetts becoming a true pioneer. He composed 200 hymns using a reed organ. His most memorable composition “The Eastern Gate” (1905) was composed as a tribute to Dr. Bresee’s traditional farewell at church gatherings and the lyrics came to him first before he found himself humming its tune. The Nazarenes, as Bresee and Martin referred to themselves, had a belief that they shall have a meeting just at the Eastern Gate (of the Heavenly city) one of these days. The Eastern Gate in Jerusalem is where Jesus rode into via a donkey as he was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. The belief is that in the second coming he shall make his way through the Eastern Gate. The popularity of “The Eastern Gate” composed by Martin has never waned. Beyond its appearance in hymnals, it’s even ranked high in Gospel music countdowns proof that it’s a favorite of many Christians.