Free Lead Sheet – Give To Our God Immortal Praise

Free Lead Sheet – Give To Our God Immortal Praise

Free Sheet Music for Give To Our God Immortal Praise by John Hatton and Isaac Watts. Key of C and D Major. Enjoy!

Eternal Praise and Mercy with "Give To Our God Immortal Praise"

One look at "Give To Our God Immortal Praise" from John Hatton and Isaac Watts, and it gives away the theme of this hymn. Written by Isaac Watts (1674-1748) and set to music by John Hatton (1793), this five-verse hymn is a constant and beautiful way to praise God, with an allusion to His Mercy every day. The hymn follows the meter of The tune is set to in D Major.

The hymn draws heavily from the Bible, with some verses relating to the following passages: 1 Timothy 1:17, John 3:17, Psalm 19:1, Psalm 95:4-5, and others. The hymn is mostly derived from Psalm 136.

The theme of the hymn is clear and evident in the first stanza, where it talks of His Mercy and truth. The theme is verbatim in the second phrase, and the last stanza encourages us, believers, to replicate the same Mercy to others. Stanza Two emphasizes the authority of God and His place over human rulers and authority. He is referred to as "the King of kings" with enduring and immortal mercy to give compared to human power, which has its limits. This stanza echoes Stanza Three elevates God as the creator of all things, especially as the maker of the earth and sky. The last line puts emphasis and His Grace and Mercy. The same is repeated in Stanza Four, with mention of the sun and moon's creation. The fifth stanza speaks of sending Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer, keeping believers from guilt, sin darkness, and the grave.

The sixth and last stanza tells believers to praise God due to his guidance to find and live in Heaven, in His Host. This guidance is the ultimate gift, and with consideration for all God has done to his people, it is not hard to offer praise and adoration every day.

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