Free Lead Sheet – All For Jesus

Free Lead Sheet – All For Jesus

Free Sheet Music for All For Jesus. Key of D Major, Eb Major, and F Major. Enjoy!

Give Everything You Got with "All For Jesus"

If you want a hymn with energy, focus, and action, "All For Jesus" gives you the spiritual energy fix you need.

This energizing hymn is the product of Mary D. James' faith, devotion, and her personal surrender to the Lord. Mary D. James (Mary Dagworthy, 1810-1883) was an active member of her church. She began teaching Sunday school in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Meanwhile, she is also active with other prominent members of the Wesleyan Holiness movement and in their meetings. She wrote a small collection of hymns (50), and it adds to her impressive and multifaceted work. Apart from teaching and writing hymns, she is also a prolific writer in many Christian publications.

"All For Jesus" was Mary D. James' New Year's resolution for 1871. In a letter, James was proud of her work for the Lord in the year 1870 and how it contributes to her improved commitment. The hymn was her personal testament of her faith and devotion to the Lord. In the hymn, she embodies believers that do and personify their faith with their actions.

The hymn was completed in 1889. John Stainer provided the music with the tune called WYCLIFF. The Scripture reference for this hymn is Romans 12:1,2. While another Scripture source is Matthew 22:37. James' text is the most used while there is another version, written by William J. Sparrow-Simpson.

The James text has many variations. One version has five stanzas with eight lines while another version has five stanzas with four lines. No matter the version of the text, the energy of the hymn is one reason it is a church and personal favorite of believers. The thought of s giving all to the Lord – all work, desire, sorrow, and energy is an expression of trust and surrender in the best light.

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