Free Lead Sheet – Rockin Robin

Free Lead Sheet – Rockin Robin

Free Sheet Music for Rockin Robin. Key of A Major, Bb Major, C Major, D Major, Eb Major, F Major, and G Major. Enjoy!

Free Lead Sheet - Rockin Robin

Tweeting and Rocking: “Rockin' Robin”

If you want a clean, sweet tune to dance to, rock, roll, and tweet like a “Rockin' Robin”.

"Rockin' Robin" is a song written by Leon René under another name, Jimmie Thomas. This song's original title was "Rock-In Robin" and was one of the songs on the album with the same name. The album and the song are under the Class label. The song's full-length is two minutes and thirty-one seconds. Bobby Day recorded this song in 1958, and it was a success. Michael Jackson put his own spin to this classic in 1972.

Back in the day, "Rockin' Robin" was a hit when it came up in the airwaves and made Day skyrocket into stardom. It debuted as number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and spent a week on that spot for a week. It also made news when it was the top song on the US Billboard Rhythm & Blues Records. This phenomenon happened again when Michael Jackson made and sang his own version. The charts exploded again, and the song reclaimed its initial popularity.

The Michael Jackson version was released in 1972 with the same length as the original. The song was under Jackson's album Got to Be There and his label Motown. The Jackson version retained the original details of the songwriter under Leon René. The producers for the song were Mel Larson and Jerry Marcellino.

Both the Day and Jackson versions' arrangement is classified under rock and roll. The versions have a clean, classic but also hybrid of pop and R&B. The tune has an upbeat and dance-type quality, which makes it an excellent choice for a dance number. The lyrics are also upbeat and playful. Some parts of the lyrics imitate the robin in the song. The singer is actually singing lines of 'tweet tweet tweet' after mentioning the robin in the line.

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