Free Lead Sheet – I’m A Little Teapot

Free Lead Sheet – I’m A Little Teapot

Free Sheet Music for I'm a Little Teapot. Children Song.

Tip with "I'm a Little Teapot"

"I'm a Little Teapot" is children' s/nursery song that has been around for decades. The song is sung from the perspective of how to use a teapot or a whistling kettle. George Harold Sanders wrote this song while Clarence Z. Kelley thought of the song's music. The original lyrics of the song comprises of two verses. The first verse has six lines, while the second version has five lines. The song was recorded under Kelman Music Corporation and published in 1939. The modern version of the song has six verses, with four lines each. In every version of the song, it is heard in every place with children in schools, homes, playgrounds with an accompanying dance and laughter.

The creator of the song was George Harold Sanders (1906 – 1972), a British actor in films and television. He was also a singer-songwriter, music composer, and author. As an actor, he was active for forty years in the industry. He possesses an upper-class English accent and bass voice, which leads him to portray sophisticated but villainous characters. Sanders created the song for Clarence Z. Kelley. Kelley was struggling to to teach the younger students the "Waltz Clog," a popular and easy-to-learn tap dance routine. Sanders created this song with the title "The Teapot Song". The song do not need complex movements and minimal actions deriving from a pantomime. Kelly and his wife introduced the routine to his students and at his dance school. Afterward, it became highly popular in the school, country and overseas. Marion Holmes performed the first rendition of the song with Art Kassel and His Kassels in the Air. This version contributed to the popularity of the song.

Since the song has its origins as a dance routine and allows minimal movement, it became highly popular with children. It is also one of the songs, which inspires movement children can efficiently perform or follow.

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