Free Lead Sheet – Ye Servants Of God

Free Lead Sheet – Ye Servants Of God

Free Sheet Music for Ye Servants Of God by Paderborn Gesangbuch and Charles Wesley. Enjoy!
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A Song of Praise in Persecution: “Ye Servants of God”

“Ye Servants of God” is a hymn that is amid praise during the times of persecution and suffering. The prolific hymn maker, Charles Wesley (1707 – 1788), wrote this hymn in the 1740s. The tune was credited to Paderborn Gesangbuch (1765) The arranger for this hymn was Thomas L. Durham.

The hymn can be performed in 3 minutes, the meter is 10 10 11 11. It was published in Wesley’s Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution (1744). In the book, this hymn was the first theme under “Hymns to Be Sung in a Tumult.”

The hymn’s theme is praise during persecution. This alludes to the context and time when the hymn was penned. In the year 1744, Methodists in England met opposition and persecution. The country was in war with France and dethronement of King George II was planned. With a political powder keg in their midst, most Methodists like Wesley were mistaken as Jacobites. This false association of helping and supporting the Pretender led to the said persecution and as a target of the government of that day.

The original hymn had six stanzas, whereas the modern hymnal’s version only contains four. The two omitted verses are originally noted as stanzas two and three. The committed stanza represented the turmoil, pain and chaos the Methodists and the Wesleys experienced.

In this hymn and other hymns written in 1740, provides a method for many Methodists, Wesley and other believers at that time to express their condition while still looking up to God. In this hymn, Welsey shows that even with the pain and hardship, God’s gift of salvation and love triumphs. This gift also gives us endurance and comfort in the situation. In a way. This hymn is both a cry of praise and request for strength from God in one’s most needed moment.