Free Piano Arrangement Sheet Music – Be Still, My Soul

Free Piano Arrangement Sheet Music – Be Still, My Soul

Free Piano Arrangement Sheet Music - Be Still, My Soul. Three Levels. Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. Good Luck!

Be Still My Soul

Have you ever considered a perfect melody for a weary soul?

Here's a song originated from Germany "Stille, Mein, Wille" later on translated in English as "Be still my soul" is a hymn written by Katharina von Schlegal, which was added to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hymnal in 1985. She wrote a number of hymns and this is the only one that has survived.

Life's faced with things both great and small, there are joy, peace, and harmony yet amidst our trials, temptations, and circumstances. Such could possibly establish a strong intimacy with the Lord, or on the another hand a way to lose hope.

Every time I sing it, it brings me to a safe place- a place where I can find rest from all anxieties, fears, doubts, and unbeliefs. Seems like it leads us to the right place to stay and linger in difficult situations.

The song teaches us to lay down all our burdens to God, to Him who surpassed the agony and the pain of bearing the cross. As we trust God's ways we become patient in overcoming personal issues and struggles.

There are moments where order and provision are nowhere to be found, and those of ordinary minds find it hard to get over with, yet to all who knows well God's promises lives in the context of His will.

The truth speaks about God's ability to lift you up in your most lowly status. His faithfulness will keep your life intact and secured. The stability of His promises motivates us to hold on and move on.

Often times circumstances bring confusion, discouragement and broken dreams. In times like this nothing else matters, but the presence of God, as we remain and let our souls are still on His side, salvation is a sure thing.

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