Free Piano Sheet Music – No. 57, Op. 249 – Kohler

Free Piano Sheet Music – No. 57, Op. 249 – Kohler

Free Piano Sheet Music - No. 57, Op. 249 - Kohler. Enjoy!

Free Piano Sheet Music -  No. 57, Op. 249 - Kohler

Kohler's Unknown Pieces

In Folsom Piano Academy, where I am one of the teachers, we have a piano competition that we hold every year. I was in charge of finding pieces that we can use for the competition. The idea was to find something that no one had played before, so it would be fair to all students who participated. And so I went off to find an unknown piece. There was quite a lot of them actually, the only problem was that most of them did not sound great and I was worried the students would not be motivated to practice. So I sat down and began to play each new piece that I found until I discovered the best ones.

I didn't really know who Kohler was, but apparently he had written a lot of music. And a lot of intermediate music, exactly what I was looking for. I choose this piece because it sounded so nice and sweet I was sure the students would enjoy it. However, the pdf was in terrible quality. Being a music publisher, I could not stand such bad quality from another website and decided to make a brand new one from scratch. I took the original pdf, sent it in to my book editors where it was republished note by note. And that is how I ended up with this piece on my website. It was just a random, unknown pieces, carefully found and selected to be part of our piano competition. And now, it is not as unknown as it was before because at least 20 students and 8 teachers will play and listen to it. Enjoy!

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