Hello. My name is Michael Kravchuk. I am a pianist, violinist, teacher, composer, music director, and book publisher currently living in Citrus Heights California.

Please read my background for more information.

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Here is a list of services I offer:

Piano Arrangements:
Do you have music that you want to play but can't find any arrangements of it. I can type one up for you! I can even add fingerings to help you play it correctly.

Practice Guides
Need to learn a difficult piano piece quickly? Or do you have a student who is practicing incorrectly? I can put together a practice guide to help out.

Violin Sheet Music:
Having difficulty finding violin sheet music for a particular song? Need a violin duet or trio or another kind of string arrangement? Do you want add bowings to the sheet music? I can do all that and more!

Choir Sheet Music:
Can't seem to find good 4-part harmony, or maybe 3-part, 2-part for a particular song? Or perhaps you want a new arrangement of an old hymn? Maybe you have old sheet music that you want to fix, or maybe you have new lyrics that you want to add to the sheet music? I can definitely help you!

Choir Rehearsal Voice Parts:
Are your choir members taking a long time to put together a piece of music? Do the basses and tenors struggle to learn their parts? Maybe some choir members regularly miss rehearsals? I can put together audio files for you. I sing every voice (SATB) with the correct lyrics and make learning parts much easier and faster!

I have composed a lot of music for piano, violin, and choir. I have been composing before I even knew how to play the piano. I can write in any genre, any style, any way you want it. Maybe you want to commission a new choir piece, or a romantic piano piece, or a new violin etude. I am your composer!

All Things Sheet Music:
Can't find any sheet music for a song you want? Maybe you have sheet music, but its too small to read, or it has uncomfortable page turns. Maybe you want the font to be bigger, or maybe you just want the whole thing in a different key. In all things related to sheet music - I can help!

Audio Transcription:
Have an audio recording but no sheet music? Did you compose some music and want it written down? Send me an audio file, or better yet, a video file and I can transcribe it into a beautiful sheet music for you!