Humble Beginnings of My Website

Humble Beginnings of My Website

Hello Everyone,

I have finally started work on my website. I have been planning it in my head for a while, but now I am committed to it. It took me a few hours to research everything; how to buy a domain name, how to host my website, which websites were the best, which hosts were the best, etc…. I spent $3 to get a domain name and $8 to get hosting at HostGator and now I have my own official Website.

I am learning a lot about html coding, formatting, and adding good features to my website, but the most important thing is that its up and running and that the entire world can view it. Its not on Google search just yet, but will be. By the time you read this I’m sure I’ll be on Google search. I have big plans for the website and with some hard work and dedication I will make it into a useful resource the entire world can use.

The primary objective of my site(as of Jan 2, 2013) is to advertise myself as a local Music Teacher. However, I have much bigger objectives than that. Here is a list of things that I will be working on for my website:
1. Free Sheet Music for the entire world to use.
2. A Choral resource for singers and choir directors.
3. A Website where music compositions are encouraged.

This small list is already ambitious, but I promise to work hard and continually add good content to my website.

Michael Kravchuk