In Studio Lessons:

30 min. lessons — $25
45 min. lessons — $35
1 hr. lessons —— $40 (advanced students only)

At Home Lessons:

30 min. lessons — $30 + driving time
45 min. lessons — $40 + driving time
1 hr. lessons —— $45 (advanced students only) + driving time
(driving time = time spent driving to and from a student’s house: $20 per hour; 15min = $5, 30min = $10, etc… Additional fuel compensation not required)

Tuition covers lessons, binders, and printouts. Lesson books are bought at the student’s expense.

Lesson Times:

Lessons are given once a week at the agreed time. Any changes to the schedule must be made a week ahead of the agreed time, or it will be considered a cancellation. Lessons times cannot be swapped with other students.

Missed Lessons:

Lessons cancelled 24 hours before a scheduled lesson will not be charged. (If more than 1 lesson is cancelled per month the second lesson will be charged full price) Lessons cancelled after 24 hours will be charged full price.

Student Requirements:

Students will need to purchase a set of lesson books and a homework binder.
Students are expected to keep a practice journal to keep track of their progress.
Students are expected to  keep fingernails short and hands clean.
Students are expected to be respectful of the instructor at all times.
Students are expected to put in an appropriate amount of effort into their lessons.
Students are expected to practice the equivalent of their lesson time every day.
Students are expected to be prepared with all materials, and to have completed their assignments.

Parent Conduct:

Parents are free to sit in and watch the lesson. Any comments or suggestions should be made before the lesson and/or after the lesson. Please refrain from talking to either student or teacher during a lesson.
Parents are expected to be aware of all assignments and practice durations and to help their children by maintaining a good learning environment.


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