I believe teaching piano is a big responsibility for the teacher. I hold the potential to create a wonderful musician, but I also hold the potential to damage a student’s growth.  Keeping this in mind, I do not approach my piano lessons carelessly or half-heartedly, but I put forth time and effort before and after a lesson to ensure that the student is getting the best education I can provide.

In my piano lessons I promote musicality and expression above anything else. I think it’s important to inspire my students to make music out of what they play. I tend to emphasize rhythm and steadiness more than clarity and technique. Instead of focusing on missed notes, I encourage students to play the proper rhythm and later work on fixing their wrong notes. I also encourage them to play the dynamics even if they don’t have all the notes in their fingers. By focusing on rhythm and dynamics I believe my students will learn musicality and expression more quickly.

I feel that it is important for the student to be able to practice on their own correctly, and I spend a lot of time teaching my students an efficient way of practicing. I always look out for bad practicing habits in my students and try to convince them to use more effective methods.

My goal as a teacher is to create a well-rounded dependable musician. They will be able to sight-read quickly, improvise in any key, and compose their own music. They will know basic theory, basic history, and basic musical terminology. They will be good performers who will be able to keep the beat even if they can’t play all the notes.


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