My Prayer to God: June 23, 2017

My Prayer to God: June 23, 2017

Dear God,

It feels good to pray, and that is why I want to do it again. My mind is clearer when I type and I am more focused and the prayer feels more meaningful and deep.

I have daunting tasks lined up in front of me. Cleaning and building and cooking and educating. So much, when will I have time to build my business? When will I have time to commit to building a relationship with you, and when will I have time to build a relationship with my wife and my kids.

Something needs to change in my schedule. There are things that absolutely need to be cut and things that need to be added.

And so, let me begin with the things in my life that I feel are a waste and try to do them less and less. Number one: computer games. Number 2 – reading the news. Number 3 – Watching the news. Those are things that can get cut from my schedule.

Things that I need to add. Bible study time. It always brings me focus and motivation so why don’t I do it all the time. Dates with my wife. She needs them! She really needs them! Kids and chores don’t matter to her as long as we date! As long as she feels loved. She needs to feel loved the way she feels it. I feel love in a totally different way but I can go out of my way and date her romantically. I can! Work on website, work on books, work on stick figures, work on everything that bring you pleasure because God wants me to delight in the works of my hands just the same that He delighted in the works of His hands.

And so, I desire to work hard because I am happy when I work. I desire to have a happy wife, because nothing makes me feel better than satisfying my woman. I desire to have smart kids, because I feel very proud when they learn and I feel like I’m a good father when I teach them. I also desire to dive deep in the understanding of God, because my soul fills up with strength and joy.

Help me God to do all these things.