My Prayer to God: August 2, 2013

My Prayer to God: August 2, 2013

Dear God,

As always I am indebted to You. As always I am in Your hands and in Your mercy. What can I do without You. What can I achieve without Your blessing. Where can I go without Your will. Even if I choose to go against You will turn me around and humble me to Your will, not because You are selfish and want to control me, but because Your will is the best thing for my life. You know how to make me happy. You know how to give me the desires of my heart. What am I going to do on this earth without You?

Yesterday I had a wonderful service at Youth. You spoke such a strong message to me. Thank You. Before the Youth service I didn’t even want to go and I was wasting time on Youtube. Forgive me for that. I was not getting any work done, was being counter-productive, was busy creating a gap between me and You, and my rational thoughts were getting muddy. Yet when I can to Youth, You really cleared up my mind and helped me realize what I had just lost. You put a fresh fire in my heart and a desire to do work for You. I don’t deserve such wonderful things. I wish I could be like You. I wish I could follow Your example.

There are times when I get into disagreements with other people. My wife especially. Most of the time I act like the spoiled kid. I act like I’m the one who was wronged and try to make the other side feel bad about it. However, I should take Your example. I wronged You. I did something that would hurt You, however You did not act meanly to me. Instead You blessed me. Instead You helped me get through it and realize my mistakes. Instead You showed me more of Your love. How amazing are You God. Thank You. Help me act the very same way with others. Help me do the same with my wife. I should not act so spoiled every time a disagreement happens. I should be a mature Christians who will overlook personal pain and take the argument as an opportunity to show love and kindness. To grow in patience. An opportunity for my faith to grow.

Bless my wonderful wife. How much good she does for me. Please let her continue to do much good. Let her be strong in words and in deeds. Let her be the kind of wife that I need, and the kind of woman that other women need. Let her be the kind of mother that our children will need. Let her be the kind of solider that You need. My wife is very unique and special. She is different from other people. She has many qualities that I don’t have. Thank you for blessing me with such amazing qualities. You knew that there were many areas of life that I suffered in and so You sent me an amazing girl to help me out in those areas. Let me help my wife in all the areas that she is weak in. You made us for each other, help us live up to that purpose.

I want to have a strong vision from You personally. I want You to guide my will. I have a vision for the Youth Choir, and I have a vision for the school and for my private students, and I have a vision for Sunday School. I pray, please guide my vision. May it be correct and unselfish. May I really work hard at the vision that I have. There is so much work to be done, help me accomplish as much as I can. I know that You open up different doors when we walk with You. I want to walk with You, and I want to talk with You.

I don’t want to pray learned phrases. I don’t want to pray without thinking. I want to talk to You. I want You to talk to me. I want to learn to hear You talk to me. Please open my ears to hear Your words. Please open my mind so that I would not get distracted. Please open my heart and break down any blocks that I may have inside it. I need to have a strong prayer life. Please help me do so.

New challenges come up all the time in life. New problems. Who will help me do the right thing if it is not You. Who will help me be wise and righteous if it is not You. Please teach me the ways of living right in this world. Please help me from doing anything wrong. Let me be a steadfast example in everything that I do. Help me let go of the habits of the past. I must forget about my old self and more forward as a born again Christian. Please help me move forward. Help me change. I want to be useful to You.

Bless my little girl Annabel. Bless me as a father. In Your name I pray.