My Prayer to God: August 31, 2013

My Prayer to God: August 31, 2013

Dear God,

I search the depths of my heart to see if I really love You. I do. I want You. I want to walk with You. I want You to be my God, my Lord, my Strength and my Shield. I am realizing more and more that there is nothing in this world for me. I am a stranger. The world has its own agenda, has its own plans and way of life. I have tried living the way of the world and I am miserable because of it. I have tasted some of what this world has to offer and it is disgusting. I don’ want to task any more. I don’t want to go any deeper. I want to run away from this world. I want to run away from any desires I have for this world.

Here are the things that have tormented in this world and these are the things which I want to avoid with all my heart: 1. Computer Games. 2. Adultery 3. Ungodly movies 4. Ungodly comedy. 5. Hate for others. These are terrible things that I know I suffer from. In all honest I am no good Christian. I will admit that I have been a hypocrite and have walked in an unpleasing way before You God. Please Forgive Me. I repent of everything. I repent of all my previous desires. I repent of them all. Forgive me. Cleanse Me. I call upon the Blood of Jesus to make me pure and holy. It is written in Your word and I know that you will give it to me. Thank You. Thank You so much.

From today on I want to renew my service to You. I want to regain my first love that I lost. I want to begin my training anew. I want to train to become a Godly Solider. One that will inspire and not one that will cause others to stumble. I pray in Your name father. Please guide me.

I thank you for my baby Annabel. You have indeed blessed me with such a wonderful child. Thank you so much. Thank you for my wife Nastia. You have blessed me with a caring wife and a caring mother. I see what an awesome person she is. Help me to love her more. I want my love for her to be equal to the love You have for Your Church, for Your Bride.

As I walk on my Christian path You give me many opportunities to be humble and to learn humility. Please lead me in that direction. Please help me be humble.

Just right now I bit my nail. Forgive me for this terrible habit. I want to break free from it. Please help me remember and help me not to give in to this habit. I pray in Your name. Please help me be free from terrible bad habits. I pray in Your name.

Bless the growth of my little girl Annabel. Teach me to be a good and loving father to her. Teach me to raise her to be a happy little girl and to follow your instructions that You have given me in the Bible. I do not trust my own knowledge and understanding. I pray in Your Name.