My Prayer to God: August 4, 2014

My Prayer to God: August 4, 2014

Dear God,

What is the point of my prayers if I don’t make any changes. What is the point of my communication is nothing happens after that. Sometimes I feel like a pointless talker. I talk to You, I pray, but what is the use? Don’t I need to do something after I pray for it to take effect. Don’t I need to take action, and bear fruit. Please help me God. Please help me that every time I pray I get inspired to do something. To take some action. Help me do the things that I need to do. Help me to at least do the things that I pray about.

Yesterday I asked You for discipline. Please provide me with Your discipline. Just like a child that needs discipline from his/her parents, so do I require discipline from You. I make mistakes, I repeat mistakes, I walk and talk foolishly. Forgive me Lord. Please teach me and guide me. It says the You discipline everyone that You love. Please raise me. Please be my parent. Comfort me with Your rod.

I don’t want to be making the same mistakes over and over again. Mistakes that happen out of laziness. I know that watching movie trailers on Youtube has never ever made me feel good. I have always had to repent of that before You, so why do I continue to do it from time to time. Its because I lack discipline. Please discipline me God. Please. Why do I get upset at my wife. Why. Every time I get upset at her I’m not happy, she’s not happy, and most importantly You’re not happy. I understand all of this. I understand that I’m wrong. Yet I still do it anyway. Please help me Lord. Next time I’m about to get upset, help me just let it go. Restrain my tongue from saying anything rude. Restrain my body language to show only love.

I understand that my prayer is not enough. I don’t want to seek You with just my mouth and my lips. I want to seek You with everything action that I take. Is it so much work for me to actually work on my spiritual life after I am done praying. After I pray I should go forth with renewed energy and battle with the foe. Battle against sin and temptation and battle against the Devil. Only You can help me do that. However, I must put in the effort. I must raise my sword. I must build muscle in my hands and arms and be able to fight.

After I am done praying today, please help me take action. Whatever You put in my heart, please help me take action. How I need to take action. How I need to work for the Kingdom. Lead me forward Lord.

Bless my baby Annabel. It will happen so soon. I don’t know how it will be, how big of a change in our lives. I don’t know if everything will be okay. There are so many unforeseen factors. But there is one thing that I can foresee. If I don’t put my hope and trust in You, I will crumble. I go into this pregnancy with faith in You. I know You will take care of the baby and the mother. I know that You will be right there with Your wonderful hands and make everything go according to Your will. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord. I have no better doctor or midwife in the world but You. I am comforted by You.

Me and Anastasia want to have many kids. Please give her a healthy body that will be able to bear many children. Please don’t let her tear during this pregnancy, and please don’t let her get a C-section. I pray for Your help so that I could be firm with the doctors and make sure everything goes right. Please help me. Please give Anastasia strength that she needs to go through with the pregnancy without have an epideral. We know that epiderals are not a healthy choice for both mother and daughter. Please help us. Please take away the unbearable pain and give Anastasia only the bearable pain. Please make the pregnancy a quick one so that she won’t be too exhausted. She needs strength to push. Please give the doctors the wisdom that they need to make the delivery very successful and very smooth. I want this to be a wonderful and marvelous birth I pray in Your name. Please.

It is good to pray to You. It is good to set a new fire in my heart thinking about You. Please don’t let this fire die once I am done praying. Please let this fire continue burning and lead me into action.

I pray for my brothers and sisters. Please bless them. I pray for my Youth Choir. Please bless them. I pray for my church, MGC, and for the Lutheran Church, Gethsemane. Please Bless them. I pray for the song “They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love”. Please allow the publishing company to give me permission to post it. I put this into Your hands and I have faith in Your miracles. May Your name be blessed.


And now to action!