My Prayer to God: August 5, 2013

My Prayer to God: August 5, 2013

Dear God,

You shower me with Your blessings. Thank You so much. You are just giving and giving me good things all around. Thank You. I am very thankful to You. It seems to me that no matter what I do, whether I walk in Your ways or not, Your mercy is always around me.

Forgive me Lord, for my sin and my laziness. Forgive me. I don’t want to be like that. My heart is not in those ways. My heart seeks You, and it yearns for You. My heart wants to do Your will. Please help me walk on that path and do what is right before You. I pray in Your name. Please help and bless me. Please move me in the right direction.

Today I got a message from someone telling me that my website has been useful for them and they want You to bless my site. How nice it was to hear that. Thank You for inspiring someone to send that message. It has reminded me that the work that I do on this website is not a waste. It actually does some good. Thank You that I spend my time helping others and providing resources to those who need it. I know that some of my intentions for the website may be selfish, but You are able to take my selfish intentions and turn them into something good.

Please help me Lord be a good Christian. Help me be sociable with others. Help me be humble. Help me read more of the Bible and work harder for You. Please lead me and open my eyes to more understanding. I need You so much. O Lord, I need You so, so much. Don’t let me be a hypocrite. Help me become the vessel that You want me to be.

Bless my wife and our baby,
In Your name I pray,