My Prayer to God: August 6, 2013

My Prayer to God: August 6, 2013

Dear God,

From the very start I want to pray about my wife and my baby girl. Last night I was dreaming about my wife giving birth, dreaming about what I would do and how it would all go down. Perhaps I am beginning to worry about it. Please comfort me. I am very concerned for my wife, but I don’t want to be needlessly worried. I want to have no fears, because I put all my fears into Your hands. Please bless me wife. Please make the pregnancy very successful. Please give her the strength that she needs to get through it all. Please help her not get an epideral. I don’t know what its like to give birth, its probably very painful and I will never understand, however I know that You designed birth in the way that You did. You never designed a shot to be given. Please help Nastia resist the urge to take the shot and get rid of the pain. Please help her. Perhaps I just don’t understand the pain that she will go through. Perhaps I am just insensitive to what she will be going through. I don’t know. Please don’t make it too painful for her. Take away all the pain that will be completely unbearable for her. Take it away. Please help her get through the pain.

Please put Your hand upon the doctors and nurses as well. We don’t know what kind of nurse or doctor we will get. Will they have fear of the Lord in their hearts, or will they be lost souls who believe in others things. We don’t know, but either way we pray for Your hand to be upon them. Please bless them with the wisdom that they need to make a successful delivery. Please help them make the right judgement calls. Don’t let them quickly turn to a C-section. Don’t let them get my wife upset. Help them walk my wife through the birth with calming, caring voices. Bless them completely. If something goes wrong, please bless them with the right choices to make. Please.

We live in a world where a lot of psychology and sociology  studies are coming out. They are the new idols. They are the new Gods that people are putting their trust in. I will not be like that. I want to look at Your word and the natural beautiful way that You created the world. Please help me walk in Your paths and make the right decisions.

The other day I was thinking about where I would send my children to school. I have always looked down upon home-schooling, however now my heart is troubled more over the public school system. I can remember as a little boy how much more I could have done, or could have achieved if I just had a better education. I can imagine how well my own mother could have taught me. She would really have worked great miracles on me. She did, but she could have done much more. I want to do the best that I can for my children. Please give me the wisdom to teach them. I think it will be best to keep the kids at home, and homeschool them. Not only will it be better for them in the educational sense, but also in spiritual sense. If I am wrong about it, please enlighten me. Please don’t let me make a mistake in my children’s education.

I want my children to reach their potential. I want them to be really smart and understanding. You have given me a wonderful employment where I can spend time at home. Please help me make most of it. Please help my website make money, and help my books to sell. Give me ideas to make money so that I can focus more on growing wonderful soldiers for Your glory. Already prepare the right heart within me so that I would focus on them correctly. Give me the right educational mindset for them.

Continue to bless me and my family. I am always so grateful for You. Continue to change my heart and make me wise. Let me dwell deep within Your word. It always make me feel so good. Why would I waste my time reading things that do not help me at all. Why would I waste time on things that will not make me feel good? Let me focus on the things You put in front of me and I know, that will make me happy.

I have noticed that I am not such a good husband. When I was still dating I thought that I would be the best husband. I thought I knew what would make a girl happy. However, I was dead wrong. I was deeply mistaken. I have so much to learn. Please teach me God. Please open my understanding and desires of my heart to really please my wife. To really be a good husband. Let me learn the ways of her heart so that I can be a servant to her. Often-times I either do things wrong, say the wrong things, say the wrong things at the wrong time, or I’m just too lazy to do anything. I think that makes me a terrible husband. Please help me realize how important it is to invest in my wife. I will reap good things if I do. Why don’t I do it? Please help me!

Thank You for everything God. Thank You for listening to my prayers and I know that You are preparing answers to all of them. I am ready for change. I accept it. It might be painful, I might fight against it, but I know that in the end it is all good. Everything was good for me. Thank You.