My Prayer to God: August 7, 2013

My Prayer to God: August 7, 2013

Dear God,

Let me take this time to think about You some more. To remember You. To remember what You have done in my life. I want to take this time to stop thinking about anything else but You and Your will. As I close my eyes and search deep inside, I notice right away how I am distracted by many thoughts and worries. I worry about this and about that. Help me be calm right now, so that as I pray I can listen to You.

Yes, right away I know that I should be spending more time with You. I need to seek Your face. I imagine how You look, the image I see in my mind is one where You are ignored and unhappy. Yes I have ignored You. I’m sorry that I have. I’m sorry. How can I ignore You when You have done so much for me. How can I neglect You when You are the biggest success I will ever have in my life. How can I ignore You when You are my life and without You there is nothing. Why has my mind been so clouded?

Yes, I understand that the worries of this world are not that important. Yes, I do. I spent the whole day thinking about worldly things, and not being calm. Why am I in such a rush. Why can’t I take it easy. I need to give more attention to my wife, and give her quality time. Yet, somehow I’m in a rush, why? I need to sit down and just read the Bible deeply, yet every night I almost rush through it. You are right God, I have a problem of rushing things through. It seems that even when I type this prayer I am rushing things through. Why do I worry and why do I care. You are taking care of me. That is the way You want me to live. With the understanding that You are taking care of everything and all I need to do is live a righteous life with first love for You.

Help me put this prayer into practice. There is time today to talk about the Bible and read it more deeply. There is time to help my wife with her chores and try to take away some of her worries. There is time to be patient and loving. I should not rush through as if I’m late. Please help me God.

Bless my wife and the baby,
In Your name I pray,