My Prayer to God: August 8, 2013

My Prayer to God: August 8, 2013

Dear God,

I pray that a time will come to my life, and come very soon, when I will wake up in the morning and seek Your face immediately. I pray that a time will come to my life when I will burn happily with a desire to pray and to study Your law. I pray that my warm attitude towards You does not continue long. Wake me up again Lord. Wake up my consciousness. Open the eyes of my heart and my mind. Let me be reminded of how great You are and how wonderful You are. Let me remember the cross of Jesus. Remember His suffering for me. Remember the blood he shed for me. Remember that He took the punishment for my sins. That way I can be more excited about You. Enough with this warm state. Enough with this half-hearted desire. Enough with this spiritual depression and hunger. It is time to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The time is always to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Its says in the Bible that do not get drunk on wine, but be filled with the Spirit. I sometimes feel that I am being drunk with worldly things. I am getting drunk with the worries of this world that will not help me at all. I am wasting my time. Please help me. Please enlighten me. Please fill me with the desire.

There is a certain peace that comes to us when we are filled with the Spirit. There is a calmness that comes when we are filled. Is feels so good to just sit and think about the Lord. It feels so good to pray and my prayer becomes fuller. Nowadays my prayers are not the same. Nowadays I notice when my prays before You are weak. Isn’t it much more important to make sure that whatever I do during the day will ensure that I have a strong prayer with the Lord? Shouldn’t that be one of my goals. To really live life in a way where I can come before You everyday and really have a good conversation with You. So I can feel that You are listening to me and that I am having fellowship with You.

I love cuddling with my wife and she loves it probably more than I do. You put these feelings into us where we can just lie down next to each others and just talk. I wonder if this is not something that You also enjoy. Do You enjoy cuddling with Your church, with Your bride. Do You seek the same intimate affections with us? I am so sorry that I don’t do that enough with You. I should do that so much more. Please help me.

Baby Annabel should be coming any time now. Please make the birth successful. Please don’t let the birth-date go past August 12. Please! I want everything to go really smoothly and You are the only person that I can ask to get that done. I know I don’t deserve it, please help me Lord, please. Please give Nastia the strength she needs to get through the birth without getting an epideral. Please help her. Please open her body up so that the baby could go through easily without any delays. Please don’t let the embilical chord wrap around her improperly. Please give the doctor what he needs to deliver the baby properly. Please help God.

Be with my wife. I worry about so many different things. Please teach me to put more trust into You. Teach me to depend fully on You. Be with my wife during the pregnancy. This is going to be a special birth. A child will be born into a Christian family. The parents are followers of You. We fight against the devil. With this child we will have yet another weapon to fight against the devil. We are going to train this young girl to do great things and to win hearts for the Lord. We will teach her to be a strong supportive wife and to help her husband become a great man in the Lord. I pray in Your name. Please be with us on that special moment.

It is hard to let go and not worry. Please forgive me for ever looking down on women when they worry. You built them like that. Let me not forget that. Help me be loving and patient and understand that they have strengths that I don’t have. I also worry.

I give everything into Your hands,