My Prayer to God: July 21, 2013

My Prayer to God: July 21, 2013

Dear God,

Yesterday I failed you once again. I allowed victory to sin. I have still not yet learned about how weak I am. Why do I always make the same mistakes? Why do I always allow myself to go into gray areas from where its only a step into sin. Why I am so foolish?

Dear God please help me become wise. Help me see sin approaching from afar and to run away from it. Help me be a man who is always on the look-out for the arrows of the devil which will wound me. Heal me for now God. Help me get over this sin that I have committed and to move along. I don’t want to drag my feet in depression just because of sin. I don’t want to give sin so much power. I give power to You and to Your forgiveness. Yes I have sinned. But with my repentance and acknowledgement I can move forward with You. I know You don’t want me to remain wounded, and You walk me always to walk forward with faith. I will do so God. I know I am forgiven through Jesus, and now help we walk on and next time to really run away from sin! Teach me to run!

I realize that I am becoming obsessed with constantly checking on my website. This is not good for me. I want to promise You that for the next week, until Monday the 29th, I will not check on the status of my website. I have said it and You command with Your word for me to keep my promises. I will not check my AdSense; nor my CreateSpace; nor my Google Analytics; nor my HostGatorAwStats. Instead I will use the time to work productively. My wife also tells me the same. She says I waste time checking my website status. I should I realized sooner about my waste, my wife has been telling me for a while now. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful wife who is truly helping me.

I have seen a few stretch marks on my wife’s belly. Personally I don’t mind them at all. I think that she is a wonderful and amazingly beautiful girl and my eyes enjoy her flesh. However, I worry that my dear Nastia might be unhappy with the stretch marks. Please God don’t let her become unhappy over them. Please don’t let it harm her in any way. You may keep those stretch marks on her belly or completely heal them, but either way don’t let Nastia’s heart be hurt by them. Give her peace, comfort, and acceptance that You are in control. Nastia worries about a lot of different things. Please dear God, give her You calmness. Calm down all her worries. Calm down all her fears. Let her be happy no matter what might happen. Let her rejoice with life.

Help me be a better husband. I need to be better. I need to a become a reliable pillar on which my house will stand on. I want my wife to completely trust me with everything and believe every word that I say. I want her to know that I keep all my promises no matter how small they are so that my words will always have a strong meaning to her. I want my wife to see strength and wisdom in me and come to me when she needs help. I am not that wise, and I am not strong. There are so many things that I should know, but I still haven’t learned. My wife has good reasons to doubt me. She has good reasons to advise me what to do instead of me to advise her. Help me become a better man that is worthy of giving advise to his wife.

In just under a month our little baby will be born. The doctors say it will be a girl. We have called her Annabel. If the doctors are wrong and its a boy we will call him Benjamin. Please bless our baby. I want my baby to be healthier than the average baby. I want my baby to be smarter than the average baby. I want my baby to be gifted with many talents. I want my baby to have a good heart. I want my baby to be beautiful. Perhaps I ask for too much. Whatever kind of baby you give me, I will treasure it greatly. I will love the baby given to me by God. I will raise my baby the best I can. I will train my baby from a young age to walk by the laws of God. I will teach her to pray, to memorize Scripture. I will teach her to be kind to others and to obey her parents in everything that is asked of her. I will prepare her for service when the time comes and You want to make use of her.

Lord, the more I pray, the more I realize how much flaws I have within in. I am so lazy. I sometimes despise the laziness inside me and its so hard to overcome it. I am a bad socializer. I don’t know how to talk to others. Sometimes I am so stuck within my own bubble that I can’t accept other peoples interests. I get bored of others. Help me overcome these weaknesses of mine. Help me change my heart and change my character. I want to be an image of Christ. Loving, Accepting, Kind, Giving, Hard-Working.

Everyday, I need Your help. Every hour I need Your protection from sin and from bodily harm. Every minute I need the Holy Spirit to speak with me. Every second I need Your Hand upon my heart, body, and mind. You are my God. You are my Compass. You are my direction. You are my hope in both life and death.