My Prayer to God: July 23, 2013

My Prayer to God: July 23, 2013

Dear God,

Today at night Josephine was throwing up. She was crying and whimpering and clearly unhappy. I realized that Josephine has gone through a lot of pain in her life. She had been going to hospitals a lot, and has been sick a lot, and in her Kindergarten year she missed a whole quarter of school. I am starting to realize more of where Josephine is coming from. Please God, please heal her. Please strengthen her immune system and help her walk properly. I want her to be completely healthy. I no longer blame her mother for anything. I was so foolish to blame her for anything in the first part.

How foolish can we be. We blame others when we ourselves don’t know the whole story. We don’t understand, don’t know anything and with this lack of knowledge look down upon other people. I don’t want to be like that God. I want to be a righteous man who will not blame others. I want to see people the way they are, and I want to see the real truth behind what they do. Every person has a story and every person has an excuse for what they do in life. Help me realize this strongly and deeply so that I would not forget.

Nastia had trouble sleeping last night. Dear God, please be with her in these final few weeks of pregnancy. I don’t want her to be so uncomfortable and unhappy. Please give her peace in her sleep, and help her through any pains that she might have. Help her nerves and muscles properly function so that everything goes well. You have blessed me with good health, please bless her as well.

I realized yesterday that I might have a biased opinion on the right way to raise children. Whenever I speak to others about my ideas, it seems that most people disagree with me. They all say that in practice it is a completely different thing. I don’t know what to believe. Is that book that I am reading accurate or not, is real life example accurate or not, I don’t know. What I do know is that You are the best advise I can find in raising my children. I want to seek wisdom from You God. I want to hear Your words. You alone can teach me to be a good father to my children and to raise them properly. Please help me. I will try to do my best.

Please bless the house in which in live in. Please bless the family. We are all in need of Your wonderful kindness. Open our eyes, fill our hearts, and help us live in harmony and peace. I want to love more. Help me love more. Help me be wiser with the way I interact with them. I want to be a good light and a proper example. I want them all to be saved and to follow You.

Lately I have been having doubts about my employment in the Lutheran Church. I feel that it may be time to move on. My wife tells me the same. I feel that the Lutheran’s official policy is beginning to infringe upon my own views. I don’t want to walk that path. I want to be stubborn in the ways in which I first believed. I want to follow You with all of my heart and most importantly with all of my mind. I believe in the Bible, and I believe that everything You wrote in it is true. Help me follow Your word and never turn away from it. Don’t let me find false explanations of the Bible. Don’t let me take the bible figuratively but not literally. I believe that the Bible is both literal, metaphorical, and many other ways. The Bible speaks strong and clear.

I have not been reading the Bible as I should. Even when I read it I don’t dwell upon it as long and as deeply as I should. I can imagine that with a baby coming I will still have trouble going into the Bible. Please help me change my ways. Please help me today to read the Bible more and to think about what I read much more deeply. Help me lead my wife in Bible study and to make sure both of us are getting our spiritual food. Without proper food we will soon grow weak in our faith. Teach me this lesson God. Drive it deep into my subconscious so that I will always be seeking Your food.

Once again I thank You for all the wonderful blessings that You have given me. Help me stay on this path of trusting and believing in You. Thank You for all the opportunities that are springing up around me. It is making me very happy to be alive and to struggle in this world. It is a blessing.

To You be all the glory in my accomplishments. To You be al the glory in everything that I do. To You be all the glory in everything that I write, be it literal or musical. To You be all the glory in my whole life.