My Prayer to God: July 27, 2013

My Prayer to God: July 27, 2013

Dear God,

How complicated our human life is! We do what we don’t want to do and don’t do the things that we want to do. I have realized that its because we have ineffectively conditioned our flesh to walk in the ways of the flesh. Children when they are born lead completely by the flesh. Everything is about hunger and physical feelings. As they grow older parents are there to discipline them so that they would not become spoiled. The child learns and eventually with good training no longer becomes a selfish, flesh-ful person. I think its the same with us. We have a flesh seeking sinful satisfaction type of body. We need to spiritually discipline it. We train a child stay away when we say no, should we not also train ourselves to stay away when our mind (spirit) says no? We teach children how to walk and do chores and be happy. Why do we allow ourselves to just lay on the ground with no spiritual strength crying out to God to pick us up and carry us. We can learn to walk. Why do we find it so hard to do chores, things like reading the Bible, praying, forgiving. Things that will keep our hearts clean? Its because we haven’t trained ourselves properly. We are spoiled by the flesh and we need discipline. Why aren’t we happy? Just like children who get to do whatever they want are not happy, same with us. We need to be in subjection to God to be happy. We need someone to stop us and discipline us.

Thank You God, that You give us discipline. You take care of us completely and make sure that we gradually learn. Let us be obedient children to You and allow for Your training to be effective. Let us not walk in the ways of the flesh but to mature into ways of Christ. I don’t want to be a burden to myself. I don’t want to stop myself because of my lack of training. I don’t want to harm myself. I want to be useful to myself. What is stopping me from leading a good faithful life. What is stopping me from becoming a good person. What is stopping me from working really hard for the Kingdom of God. It is myself and my lack of training of the flesh.

I pray that You would completely train me God. Please train me fully. I want Your personal training menu that will bring me good results in the long run. I believe that You have always been training and disciplining me. Thank You and continue to do it. I will do my best to make it even more effective.

Oh God. I don’t spend quality time with You. Let me do it now. I want to think of You and everything You have done for me. You created me so wonderfully. You make my life so excitingly. You have given me a wonderful wife with whom I can share my happiness. You surround me with Your warmth. I have no fears of anything. I don’t fear dying since I will be in Your hands and I don’t fear living because You will protect me. Even if I have pain in life, You will help me get through it. You give me peace and happiness. Me, a person who has been so selfish and sinful, You bless me with contentment and happiness. You have provided for me. I still don’t understand how I make enough money to survive, but I do. It is Your beautiful blessing. How wonderful are You to me. Thank You for Your blessings.

I want to think about Your law. Your commandments. Is there a commandment that I am not following? Perhaps I don’t love my neighbors as I should. Perhaps I give with a heavy heart. Perhaps I still have personal pride hidden in my heart. Let this not be so dear God. Let me walk after You and in Your ways. Your ways are beautiful and exciting. Your ways dazzle the mind and imagination. Your ways are unpredictable yet the ending is always predictable. If I walk in Your ways I will receive the gift of everlasting life and live with You forever.

Right now I am looking for a good place for my Youth Choir to visit. You have given me leadership over a wonderful group of youth. Give me the wisdom to work with them. Help me inspire them to burn with passion for You. Please arrange a good place for me to visit with the Youth. May it be a children’s center, may it be a Senior Home. May it be a drug rehab center or just another church. Please arrange these things for us so that the best and most use would come out of them. I want my choir to be useful to You. I want my choir to be a huge blessing to everyone around them, especially the church. I want my choir to be a force to be reckoned with by the devil. Let us be strong, united, and disciplined. Let us be Levites who worship you in both songs and in deeds. Let us shine a light to the world.

Give me wisdom to manage and conduct the Choir. I see how I am growing to be a better conductor. I believe it is an answer to my prayers and an answer to the prayers of others as well. Give me guidance and wisdom. Give me wisdom to enlist the help of my fellow Youth Leaders. I want to be a team worker. I want to let go of all grudges and negative feelings and work together in love. Please help me be an example of love in this meeting tonight.

Help me with my private students. I will admit that there are some students that I don’t want to teach. I dont’ think that is the correct position to be in. I must care about the best for all my students. I must do good and never give up. Please be with my students and help me teach them more than just music. Help me give them an example of light in the darkness. I want my students to see You in me.

There are so many things to worry about, but I will give them all up into Your hands. I know that You are in charge of everything and I will do my best to play by Your rules. You see and hear everything and You know my every move. You know my heart and my thoughts. I want to do this right.

Thank You,