My Prayer to God: July 29, 2013

My Prayer to God: July 29, 2013

Dear God,

Thank You. Thank You very much. Over the past week I have kept my promise to You. Yesterday I also kept my promise to You. There are several others promises that I continue to keep. Thank you for helping me keep true to my words. It gives me a spirit of righteousness. I feel honorable. Thank You.

I remember back when I was not so honorable and when I would lie. I remember that there were many promises that I made both to You and to others that I did not keep. How low was I. However, You found me. You picked me up and helped me straighten myself out. Continue to straighten me out. Continue to empower me to keep all my promises, even the ones that bring pain, and to walk righteously before You.

I am both humbled and excited by my website stats. Forgive me if I excepted more. I think You are teaching me not to get too much connected to worldly things like a website. Isn’t it much more important to spend quality time with You and to work hard for the Kingdom. Building a website is kind of like building an empire here on earth. I don’t think You want to spend a lot of time working for the things of this world. I think You want me to focus on things that are above and store up treasures there. Keep me away from becoming too attached to my website. Keep my focus on building a temple for You.

Yesterday I was reading Psalm 118. The longest Psalm. There was so many good things in the Psalm about loving Your commandments. Taking delight in Your commandments. I want to be like that. I want to take delight in Your law and to live happily by it. Keep me that way. Let Your Law never be a burden to me.

Today I want to grow as a Christian. I want to mature as a better person and better image of Christ. There is no reason for me not to progress forward. I should never stay the same. Everyday I should improve or at least strive to improve as much as I can. There is a lot I can do to improve. Obedience to my wife is one things that will really help me. Please God, don’t let me drag out chores and things that should be done. Help me work in a timely fashion and get things done around the house. I have a bad habit of procrastinating and taking a long time to actually get down to do things. My wife is correct in advising me to be like that. My wife also advises me to work out. She is worried about my health. I think she is correct. I also think that You want me to be healthy. If I ruin my own health it will only make me a weaker solider. I should be a strong solider who will fight the devil in good health for a long time. I know that You are the one and only reason why a person is healthy, but You want us to take care of our bodies.

Let me be wise in what I do and say today. There is no reason why I should speak without thinking. I want to become a fountain of wisdom for all who need to ask me something. There are a lot of things that my wife asks me and I reply that I don’t know. It feels that I reply I don’t know all the time. Perhaps I shouldn’t be like that. Perhaps I should try to find out the things that I don’t know, once again following the advice of my wife, and at least look them up on Google.

Yes, my wife is the biggest blessing in my life. What a wonder it is to have her. How amazing it is to have such a strong and beautiful helper. Let me be a good helper to her. Let me work at making her happy and giving her whatever she needs for both emotional and physical security. And please protect her. No matter what she does or where she goes, please protect her for both my sake and hers. I love her dearly. Please give me even more love to her. I think that there is still room for more love. Bless Nastia as she gives birth. I ask that You keep her from tearing. I don’t want her to go through any tearing so that she will heal quickly and we’ll be able to have more children, if Your willing. Bless Nastia with the strength that she needs to push. Don’t let her tire herself out to a point where she can’t push anymore. Pleas bless her birth so that it will be quick and not very painful. Nastia has had a wonderful pregnancy up until now. Bless her all the way so that she will have no fears about having more children. Thank You!

Bless my dear little girl Annabel. She isn’t born yet, but she is already becoming a wonderful girl, I can tell it. Give her strength in her little fingers and arms. Help her be an early walker and early speaker and early intellectual. Bless her with strength and wisdom beyond that of her peers.

Sometimes I am afraid to ask for more. I know stories of people who have asked You something and have received something completely opposite. I don’t know why that happens, maybe because they were too proud and wanted too much? I am humbly asking You in fear for blessings on my little girl. I don’t want to do it in pride. I don’t want to expect too much either. I don’t want to be disappointed if something bad happens to her or if she has some kind of defect.

Do You know what, I won’t worry about that. If its in Your will to give me a little girl with some defects and weaknesses so be it. I will love her and accept her and help her as much as I can. However, because You are my Father and I know that Your mercy is never-ending, I will ask for an amazing blessing on my little girl. I want her to be incredibly smart and wise, much smarter than I am. I want her to be very strong and athletic, much more than any average girl. I want her to be beautiful on the inside. I want her to have a light within herself that will shine to others. I want her to be beautiful on the outside. When the time comes for her to become a helper to a good man, I want her to become one the the greatest wives in the world. She will guide her husband to great things. That is what I want Lord, and that I what I boldly ask of You, in faith.

Help me do work today for Your Kingdom. Give me more ideas, better ideas, and a better vision in my work. Help me prepare for my Youth Choir, and Gethsemane Choir, and Brookfield School, and Private Students. Give me the motivation to work hard, and give me the focus not to waste any time.

I continue in my promises to You: I won’t check my website stats until next Monday. I will pray and read the bible every day this week.

Thank You,