My Prayer to God: July 30, 2013

My Prayer to God: July 30, 2013

Dear God,

How good it is to be Your child. How nice it is that You take care of me. Sometimes I’m in sin, and sometimes I don’t feel like Your happy with me, but always I see Your mercy upon me. Just last night I neglected You. I chose to waste time on earthly things instead of dropping everything and seeking Your face and learning from Your word. I’m sorry. However, even with my weakness, You have blessed me this morning. You have given me hope and happiness. Thank You. Thank You.

I want to always sings praises to You. Let me be a person of song. Let me memorize lots and lots of songs so that I can sing and sing and sing on and on and on. It is best to always sing praises to the Lord. It is best to give him all the glory. Help me write new songs to You. Help we arrange old songs. Help me introduce all sorts of different songs of praise to You. Help me in choosing the right songs to sing when I’m at choir or at home. You inspired David to write Songs to You, therefore inspire me to write songs to You. I want to continually sing a new songs to You.

In these good times and bad time, help me stay motivated. I want to be a steady pillar in whatever time I am in. I want to continually work hard, never giving up, never getting lazy. If there are hard times in my life, help me stay strong and consistent in You. If there is a good time in my life help me be hard-working and not get lazy and to continue seeking strength in You. I believe You have blessed me right now with a really good time. Now is the time when I should be storing up water. There may be a famine later on, I don’t know. Let me store up faith so that I can get through anything that comes my way.

Every day of my life should be a battle. A battle against the flesh. Every day I should focus on walking in the Spirit and seeking strength from You. Please empower me today. When a lazy thought comes into my head, help me defeat it. Remind me of the task in front of me. Remind me to fight. Sometimes I just don’t think about it. My body has been conditioned in the way of the flesh. I must work harder than most to get out of it. I want really try hard to condition my flesh to the work of the Lord. To condition my body that NO!, you must resist and you must work. Help me God. Don’t let me forget. Don’t let me lose motivation. Drive me forward.

Keep me away from distractions of any kind, be they good or bad. I am surrounded by bad, sinful distractions. The television screen does not have anything pure on it. Even good movies have the taint of sin in them. Help me when I watch T.V. Help me not watch what I should not. Help me watch a very limited amount. It is better to watch nothing at all than to accidentally stumble upon sin and evil. Help me even when I am doing good things not to get distracted. Good things like preparing a sermon. I want to learn the essence of my sermon deep in my heart. I shouldn’t be about how to preach to the Youth. If I focus so much on my delivery I will be too distracted to learn what You want to say to me.

Help me not get too distracted in my work so that I won’t pay attention to my family. My wife needs my time. I want to give it to her and in an abundant way. My little girl Annabel will need my time when she is born. Help me give it to her. Don’t let me get too busy with work and other stuff. Don’t let me get distracted. Give me the kind of job that will allow me to spend lots of time with my family. Please.

Over this past week You have really enlighten me on how to discipline a child. A few weeks ago I was so focused on spanking and training the child. This week You taught me a deeper concept. I need to spend quality time with a child. The child needs to feel a strong connection to the parent or else the spanking will not work. Instead of thinking that a spanking will fix everything, I need to spend a lot of quality time with my children, and then my spanking will have an effect. Please help me learn this lesson. I want to learn it really deeply and not forget about it. I am prone to forgetting valuable lessons that You have been teaching me. Don’t let me forget this.

Help me love. I love my wife, my friends, but not enough. I think that there is a lack of legitimate love inside me. Sometimes I feel forced to love because that is what You want from me. Don’t let it be like that. Give me real care in my heart for others. Put a burden on my heart for others so that I will be driven to love without any measure. Drive me to move mountains with a love for others. I need Your love. Please give it to me.

As always Lord, I ask for Your blessing upon Nastia my beautiful wife. Bless her spiritually, physically, and emotionally. May her hands be strong. May she work and not tire. May she raise the children (with me leading the way) to serve You and to serve others. May she recover quickly after having a child, and not have any complications that may arise. I want her health to improve. I want her jaw to get completely healed. I want her eyes to get completely healed. No more twitching of the nerves. No more worrying pain. Heal her, so that she can focus completely on things that You want her to. She is a good wife and she is getting better. Help guide her along the way. I don’t want myself or my wife to remain the same way we were when we got married. We both need to grow in wisdom and in quality. Please guide us.

I give You all the thanks and wish to give You all the glory. May all my actions glorify the Lord!