Free Lead Sheet – Bless The Lord, O My Soul

Free Lead Sheet – Bless The Lord, O My Soul

In praise of the grandiosity of Psalm 131

Here is a traditional praise song. Its melody is an anthem, a call upon one’s self to act, in “Bless The Lord, O My Soul” is based on two things which all Psalms have: The call to praise and reasons to praise. Gratitude is the basis of praise, where spiritual life begins with the purpose of giving God glory. The first line is a nudge not to forget what God has done. May it not be true that a 21st-century believer is too busy that he forgets about God. A reminder that in the harsh challenges of survival everyday, God is the source of healing, rest, mercy, and love. The Psalmist reminds one of the advantages of blessing God in this imagery: “so that your youth is renewed like an eagle’s”.

Since the composer is unknown, I shall refer here to the origin of the song which is Psalm 131. The Psalmist says God’s love is eternal, unlike the temporary lives we mortals live. This is equivalent to Amazing Grace in Christian hymnody. The Heavenly King must be praised with bits and pieces of a believer’s being. Because Psalm 103 speaks of a God that delivers all nations from bondage and the individual from sin. It is the theme of the Christian Creed. It is a heartfelt expression of gratitude and repentance.

Singing “Bless The Lord, O My Soul” is putting the formula of praise to God in a liturgical form or a Doxology. Doxologies are brief hymns added to the end of canticles, psalms, and hymns. St. Paul was described as singing the Doxology in prison. If we could carry the Doxologies in every moment of our lives, we become conscious of the source from which all our blessings come from. We are to become what we sing. Everyday.

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