Submit Your Music?

Yes! I am only one person, so I can't write, compose, arrange and run my business without help. If you are a composer or arranger, feel free to submit works that I am looking for. We will negotiate compensation for your sheet music, and for your video performances.


- Currently accepting new compositions for piano solo that are written in classical/romantic style.
- Currently accepting piano arrangements of Easter Hymns.
- Currently accepting video performances of any piano works recorded with an overhead camera.

Terms and Conditions:
- Submitted work will go through a review process and may not be eligible for publication.
- The sheet music you provide will become property of and will be made available for free for everyone to download and use for any non-profit public or private performance.
- In case of a for-profit performance or publication, you will be contacted and a paid contract will be agreed upon between all parties.
- Videos recordings will become property of and will be featured on my Youtube channel. Credit will be given to all composers/arrangers. You will also be able to promote yourself and your social media links in the YouTube description.