Free Lead Sheet – A Child Of The King

Free Lead Sheet – A Child Of The King

Free Sheet Music A Child Of The King by Harriet E. Buell! Enjoy!

Upon His Trust: "A Child of the King"

"A Child of the King" is a collaboration born from the work of Harriet E. Buell (1834-1910) and John B. Sumner. The hymn's words are by Harriet E. Buell while its tune was from John B. Sumner. Their collaboration produced a hymn that sings of trust, assurance and faith.

The hymn is short with only three stanzas and one chorus. The hymn began as a poem, and this poem replaced the supposed poem written by Philip Bliss.

In the hymn, the singer is speaking about their Father, who was described as having immense wealth. This wealth includes many houses and lands and proclaims that He holds "the wealth of the world", including "rubies and diamonds, of silver and gold". Aside from these possessions, it is also said that He has unlimited wealth, described as full coffers and limitless wealth.

There is a shift of focus in the chorus, from the Father to the child, the believer. Here, there are more identifying parts of the perspective. The chorus clarifies the believer as the child and the "Father" as God the Father. The second stanza speaks about Jesus Christ as the Redeemer. The hymn speaks of Jesus Christ's life as a mortal one and his role as the Savior, "pleading our pardon on high" so we can live with Him in eternity. The last stanza talks about the believers. The first line calls a believer "an outcast stranger", "a sinner" and "an alien by birth". It also speaks of an adoption, which can be interpreted as conversion to the Catholic faith and becoming an heir.

Not much is known about Harriett (Hattie) Eugenia Peck Buell. Her birth date was November 2, 1834, in Cazenovia, New York. She died on February 6, 1910. She was native of New York, born in Manlius and lived there until 1888 when she moved to Washington, DC. She is known to have contributed poems the Northern Christian Advocate in Syracuse, New York.

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