Free Lead Sheet – All Depends On Our Possessing

Free Lead Sheet – All Depends On Our Possessing

Free Sheet Music for All Depends On Our Possessing by J.B Konig and C. Winkworth. Enjoy!

Put Faith in Your Trust: "All Depends On Our Possessing"

Trust is vital in every relationship. More so, in the matters of a believer's trust in God. With "All Depends On Our Possessing," a believer makes it known the trust in the Lord at all times.

This hymn has an unknown author but has an original German title and tune of "Alles ist an Gottes Segen." The uncredited author is said to have lived around c.1673. Proverbs 10:22 was the basis of this hymn. Since the original piece is in German, it was popular enough to be translated into English by Catherine Winkworth (1858) with the Johann B. Koenig (1738) as the composer.

The hymn with six stanzas, with six lines. Each verse and line profess a believer's trust in God, The first stanza tells the believers "who trusts with faith unshaken" and "keeps a dauntless heart" is "not forsaken." Besides, the stanza says believers receive "God's abundant grace and blessing," even if they are bereft of material or earthly possessions. The second stanza talks about the good things or actions that God has bestowed upon the believer. The stanza tells us God provides joy, knowledge, and guidance for believers. The third stanza starts mentioning other people and their wrong actions. The hymn mention people who worry and think about material things and goods referred to as "Things that have no solid ground" while encouraging the believer "to win a treasure" that cannot be found. The fourth stanza is much more reflective, talking about sorrow and longing in the heart. However, it also mentions positive counterparts like hope, tender kindness, and able to "build" with the surrender of one's soul and body. The fifth and sixth stanzas can be summed as a believer's trust in God to know the best and that it will help in pushing away from human emotions like doubt and sorrow. The whole hymns speak of trusting in God and letting His will be done in all times most humanly and realistic.

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