My Prayer to God: July 28, 2013

My Prayer to God: July 28, 2013

Dear God,

How glorious it is to be Your son. How wonderful it is to be able to come to you as to a loving father and to know that You look upon me with fondness. I want to please You. I want You to be happy with me and with the condition of my heart. I don’t want any of this world. I don’t want any sinful temptations. I want to walk with You. I want to walk happily with Your guidance every step of the way. I will trust in that.

I know that I tend to work a little bit too much on things that aren’t as important. School stuff and work stuff are not as important. Today is Sunday. It should be no problem for me to spend more time reading the Bible and discussing it with my wife, and more time in prayer. I promise today that I will read more Bible than usual and spend more time in prayer than usual. I promise to stay away from work longer than usual. Help me keep my promise.

It is good to be alive. It is good to be married and to have a baby on the way. I thank You that this baby came to us in love. I thank You for the love I have to and with my wife. It is a blessing. Help me continue loving and help me continue showing kindness and respect to her.

Whenever I get really busy or really worried about something, please help it not get to me God. When You see my thoughts beginning to wander into areas they are not supposed to go, please stop me God. If you see that I am beginning to lack in love and kindness and mercy to my neighbor, please teach me a lesson about love once again so that it will be fresh in my mind. Help not not get stuck in discipline, and educating others, but to get stuck in loving and showing kindness and forgiveness to others. Help me raise me kids so that they would be a joy to me and my wife. There is no reason why our kids should drive us crazy. No reason. Teach us to raise them so that they could both help us and eventually become Your faithful soldiers.

I give everything into Your hand because I know with all my heart You are looking after me. May You get all the glory in my life. I want to give You more glory. Help me do more things that will glorify Your name.

Happy am I because of You,