My Prayer To God: July 31, 2013

My Prayer To God: July 31, 2013

Dear God,

I don’t love You enough. I know it! If I loved You more I would do so much more for You. Doing things mainly for myself is just a sign that I don’t love You enough. Where is my burning passion to work hard for You. Where is my desire to dive deep into Your word and to think upon Your law. Where is my prayer life, and my prayer closet. I say a prayer in the morning as I type, and I say a prayer at night when I go to sleep. Throughout the day I don’t communicate with You. You are secondary to me. Please forgive me. Please help me change. I want to show my love and appreciation so much more. Please guide me.

How easy is it to get addicted to things in this world, such as T.V. It surprises me every time that when I am interested in watching T.V. it doesn’t seem like a bad thing to do. I use the excuse that I’m not watching anything bad. However, after watching it and creating a separation between me and You, I realize that I shouldn’t have watched it. I realize what a waste of time it was. I start to feel bad in my heart. My conscious begins to press upon my thoughts. That’s when I begin to ignore the voice of the Holy Spirit and continue watching it. That’s because my flesh has overcome and now I am a slave to it. After the movie or show is over, and it is time to read the Bible and go to sleep, I can really tell what a terrible thing I just did. My prayer suffers, my thoughts wander all over, and I feel sad inside.

Help me Lord. Help me when the next temptation comes. Help me think of what will happen at the end of it all. How will I feel? What would You want me to do? I don’t want to forget about the consequences. I don’t want to lose my rational thought in a moment of lustful desire and later have to pay dearly for it. Its not worth it for me. Please help me. Next time just remind me. Clear my head of any foolish thoughts that will support the desires of my flesh.

I find it is getting harder and harder to work. I know the reason. I don’t go about it in a godly, holy way. When a person is working for Himself, of course He will soon lack motivation. Of course it will become harder and harder. Its because He doesn’t have support from God! However, when I am working on something for the Lord, and the Lord is supporting me, I’ll be able to work day and night. I’ll will be able to come up with the greatest and most interesting ideas. I will be able to accomplish more in one day working for the Lord, than a week working for myself. Please teach me this lesson so that I could focus on working for You. Open my eyes so that I understand that.

My baby may be born anytime now. Please protect my little baby. Don’t let the umbilical chord wrap around her tiny neck. Please don’t let her heart-rate go up or down. Please give the doctors the wisdom that they need for everything to go okay. Please give Nastia the strength she needs to get through the pregnancy and come home with a happy little baby. Please take care of it God. Please bless Annabel’s future. Bless her in everything that she learns. May she learn quickly and may she begin to walk early. May she be an athletic girl. Please protect her from getting hurt as she grows up. There are many stories of young babies getting really hurt. Please protect Annabel. When she starts running around and starts exploring, please protect her. Give me the wisdom that I need to make sure everything will be safe around her. Please protect her.

Today, help me be a good example of a Christian. I will be singing in church tonight. I should be a prepared Christian. I will be leading worship tonight. Help me inspire others to sing and to pray. I have a lot to learn about leading others both in singing and in prayer and I want to get better. Please teach me God, please open up my eyes to see the things that I am doing wrong, and to see what I can do to make it better.

I want to be a good example around the house. I want to do the chores in a timely fashion. My wife has told me that I should just do chores without her having to tell me. Please help me be like that. Please open my eyes so that I would see what needs to be done around the house and to do it. I don’t want to get into a bad habit of being a lazy slouch. I want to be a hard worker on whom people will depend on.

I have many bad habits that are bothering both me and my wife. Please help me overcome them. I don’t want to be stuck biting my nails for the rest of my life, or picking at my toes for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be scared to negotiate the price with others. I don’t want to be dependent on my brothers for anything. I want to be independent without bad habits. Please hear my prayer and help me. Help me remember when I am about to do something that is a bad habit, and to stop immediately. Please remind me Lord.

Thank You. Thank You for not giving up on me. Thank You that You continue to bless me and teach me. Thank You that I will always be able to turn to You for help and that You will give out help when I ask for it. Please continue to bless me and my family. Continue to hold my dear wife close to You. Continue to guide us on this path so that we will reach heaven in due time and be able to praise and glorify Your Name.